Monday, October 30, 2017

Week 14 - Call the Cops!.......really

Hello hello!!

So this week was honestly kinda shaky. But let me tell y'all some of the good things first!

Quick picture of last weeks Spam Sandwiches service at the soup kitchen...

Monday: Zone P-day😁. Made T-shirts. Had chili, played volleyball🏐. YSA FHE- Trevor and Lynda came!!
          Super, super fun! We have a great zone and great missionaries all with such a zeal(one of my favorite Book of Mormon words) for the gospel!! And Our neighbors Trevor and Lynda who are potential investigators came!

Beautiful Picture from a bridge:

Tuesday: Normal lunch with Youlands. Bunches of lessons. Started prepping for Trunk-or-Treat!🚗🎃. Neighborhood soup kitchen. Facetime with Fletch.

        Pretty normal Tuesday, some good lessons but nothing super out of the ordinary!

        Sister Anderson and I pretending to be scary in a graveyard......

Wednesday: Super long district meeting. Plant Memorial rest home. Dinner with Curtis' . Trunk-or-Treat Prep.
          In addition to lessons we helped our at our favorite rest home and played the funniest game of hangman😀

Then we started getting supplies ready for Trunk-or-Treat....

Thursday: Watched Restoration video with Carol Ann🌳. Lunch with Ames. Exchanges!! To Augusta, really rainy. Bore testimony of patriarchal blessings.
          We got rained out of gardening so we watched the 60-minute Restoration video with Carol Ann - although she said she has learned it all before, we think that it was really good for her to see all the early saints went through because of the truthfulness of the Gospel! It was also really really cool for me to watch it after going to Nauvoo a couple months ago. As I testified to her about Joseph never denying his calling as a prophet, even in the face of so much persecution, MY testimony of his calling was strengthened.
     And then that night on exchanges in Augusta, we taught a lesson to a recent convert on patriarchal blessings, which is something that I have been working so hard to gain a stronger testimony of. God really does help us in His ways but challenging us, and a testimony really is found in the bearing of it!

Friday: Weekly Planning. Started talking about Christmas! Ice cream for appointment. 3-month mark! Lots of online contacting.

Trunk-or-Treat ready:

Saturday: Phone call with Micheal. David-miracle. Linda. Visited Micheal- reviewed Family A Proclamation to the World. Quick lunch. Trunk or Treat!! 👮🍬🚗🍬👮️     ......... apartment break-in. 😨

             Sat we picked up this man David as an investigator. He is so so nice, in his 60s and has just lost 2 sisters. We have known him for a couple months, but we walked by and he was just sitting in his yard staring out at the trees. We asked if we could sit with him and had a really good Plan of Salvation discussion. Both him and us were lifted by the conversation. 

And finally!!...Our Trunk-or-Treat went really well and we were a HIT!! 

Sunday: Church. Choir. Meetings. Siri. Dinner with Meyers. Repack. Come back to Augusta.

So, missionary work isn't easy and it's not always Hearts and Sunshine - although there is a lot of that! But this week Bob called us and said there is no point in us coming over anymore. Mitchell dropped us. And the Bailey's almost dropped us too - but we fought to keep them.

Satan knows that this work is real and it will help families and make them happy, so he tries to hinder the work. But that just proves to me that it is such an important work!

Saturday, we left for our trunk or treat at 2:30 and got back to our place around 6:30. We came back to find that our front door was unlocked (even though we know we locked it), and our window at the top of the stairs was wide open - all of which is really concerning as one can get to this window from climbing on the roof. The elders came and checked the house. Nothing was stolen, which is even more weird. But the Assistants to the President called us and told us to drive to Augusta and spend the night there with the Sister Training Leaders. They welcomed us in and helped us out. Then we went back to Bath the next day to go to church. We reported everything to the police department. We then got another Sunday evening call telling us that we aren't allowed to at our place until the locks are changed. So - here we are on P-Day emailing everyone from Maine's very own state capitol library is Augusta!!! 

......But know what this all means!? Even though the window of our apartment was opened by some random person.....we know the 'Windows of Heaven' are going to be opened by our Heavenly Father and the blessing are going to start pouring out if we continue being faithful and obedient!!!! Get ready for some miracles!!!

I love you all!!!!! Thank you for your prayers 💜💜

Love sister Brady 😇

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