Monday, October 23, 2017

Week 13 - Walking, Walking, Walking......

Good Morning! This week was pretty good! Full of busy days and fun times. Sorry for the lack of pictures this week! But I will tell you a little about our week!

Monday: Stay at home day😅. Got to crack open oysters🐚! Walked the bridge 🌉.

      Today is zone p-day, but we thought it was last week. So when we found out that we didn't have it last week we decided to be hermits all day and stay home and it was wonderful! haha! Also, Sister Anderson's family sent us a package and in it were OYSTERS! We got knives and cracked them open and we both got BLACK PEARLS! how cool is that!

Tuesday: Sandy/Sylvia. Lunch at Youlands👨👩👧👧! Mick. Jayce! Soup kitchen🥗! RS Veteran activity. Priscilla and Pete!

            We had some lessons and our normal lunch with our adopted grandparents the Youlands. We had a meeting with a boy named Jayce who we met and gave a Book of Mormon to last week and he basically testified to us about how it supports the Bible so that was wonderful! And then we had a super fun 'Honoring Veterans' activity were women from the ward told about their military experience and then we served Spamwiches (Spam Sandwhiches!..ahhhh!) Hopefully we can get those photos.

Wednesday: District Meeting. Lunch in the mother's room🤰. Exchanges 🔃🙂. Plant home~girls camp songs 🏕.  Kristee. Laurie💜!!  Robin.

            Highlight of Wednes morning is that we ate our sack lunches in the comfy chairs in the mothers room at the church while we waited for the Sister Training Leaders! hahah! But then we had exchanges!! So fun! Sister Tupai came here to Bath and I got to introduce her to our cute town and some of the people we are working with and it was so great!!! She is such a great example and is helping me with my goal to be more clear on extending invites and promising blessings! Because blessings come when we are obedient!!

Thursday: Inspections 🕵️‍🔎. Carol Ann 🌱. Gelato 🍨!! Blessing of sick. Rake finding 🍁🍂. Dinner with Atwaterd ( psycho analysis). Bob and Taylor 🙄. Derrs.

            We passed our apartment and car inspections! (phew) haha. But we helped and taught Carol Ann and are trying to help her more with her concerns about the priesthood. Then we exchanged back over Gelatao!!! Best decision ever! We also decided that we would offer to rake people's yards in order to find new investigators and it seems like it will be great! Also, our dinner appointment turned into an anaylsis of our subconcience so that was cool!

Friday: Weekly Planning. Fredrick and Thankful- Buddah Bowls and ice cream cookies 🍜. Taught Al the Plan of Salvation 😇.  Walked and walked. Daily contact plans.

            So we taught our Buddist friend and his wife about the Book of Mormon and read a chapter with them. I think a seed is starting to grow in Thankful and she is going to start reading the Book of Mormon! We also visited our 95-year old AL - who we adore.

Saturday: Farmers Market 👩🌾.  Walked and Walked and Walked and Raked 🍁🍂🍁🍂🍁!! The Len Family ☀.️ Haunted library 🎃.

             Lots of walking on Saturday because ALL of our appointments fell through... grrr....That is Life as a missionary sometimes I guess. But we got to meet a member referral that we got through our cookie BOOing and they are the most darling family ever!!! Please keep them in your prayers! We are so hoping that we will be able to teach them and have their family be blessed by the gospel!!

Sunday: Ward council. Church. Kristee😮. Linger longer😃😃. Family History with Lynne. Dinner 🥗at Bishop`s/Maddy.

        Kristee, who is a less active came to church!!! Wahoo!!! We are so happy because we have been trying to help her for weeks! We also had a linger longer after church which was amazing! And then we had a spontaneous dinner with the Bishop's family and the Bishop's son has a girlfriend that we got introduced to! We added her as a friend on Facebook, so hopefully this goes somewhere!! :)

Okay, now some thoughts from my personal study this morning: We are always testifying about how the Book of Mormon strengthens our Faith in our Savior Jesus Christ. It adds to the truths that many people already treasure from the Bible. First, because it has the fullness of the Gospel, but also because of another thing I realized this morning: 

The Old Testament teaches us a lot about being obedient and prophets and wonderful things leading up to Christ's coming. 

The New Testament focuses a lot on our Savior's earthly ministry and His teachings. 

But the Book of Mormon teaches about people on a completely different continent who are worshiping and loving and learning how to use the Atonement of our Savior - even though they didn't live during the same time or at the place as Christ.....and that is how it is so applicable to US! We are not walking the earth at the same time or place as the Savior, but through the Book of Mormon we learn to love and use His Atonement in our lives now. Ah, so amazing! I hope that came out clearly as it is kind of a hard thought to explain. But I just want to testify of Jesus Christ and how His loving sacrifice is for each and every one of us, no matter who we are, or where we live or even when we live. Whatever situation we are going through He is here for us. 

Love you all!!

Have a wonderful wonderful week!!!!

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