Monday, October 16, 2017

Week 12 - AmBOOlance!

Hello, Hello!!

It has been a wonderful week here in Bath and we are embracing the fall and October!! So many people I love so much here and the gospel becomes more and more beautiful to me every single day! Ah what a wonderful time to be alive!!!

Monday: Prepared for Boo!!!👻 Prints-cookies-fudge and terrible acting Facebook videos😶. Taught Fletch the Plan of Salvation over French fries.🍟
We had this crazy idea to BOO the whole ward. Which is when you doorbell ditch a treat and they have to doorbell ditch 2 more treats etc. etc. BUT they need to let us know who they are booing so that we can go visit them and offer THE BEST MESSAGE EVER! (so we are trying to show more ward appreciation while also seeking referrals! ) And we used social media to let ward members (and some of you at home) hear instruction and we hopefully entertained some people with our mediocre acting! haha!

Tuesday:🍎 Apple peeling with Youlands🍏. Mick. Helped at the soup kitchen 💜. Boo Boo👻

          I tried to send a video of this but we did some service where we peeled apples with a POWER DRILL! fun!! 

We had a lesson with Mick, but feel that we need to reestablish the purpose of our visits, which is to help him work towards baptism, not just to vent. But he is reading the BOM every day and he read it for and HOUR yesterday! Then we got to BOOING!

Wednesday: 🍁🍂Beautiful drive to district meeting.  Facetime lesson with Savanna 💕💕. Rest home service 👵. Dinner with Wongs. Boo boo boo👻

         We had our first Facetime lesson this day and it went so well!! I LOVE Savanna. She is just a teenager but she loves God so much and is so so excited when we send her scriptures every night! Which is really incredible! We hope that the lessons continue going well!

Thursday: Gardening with Carol Ann🌱. Abby!!💕💕. Went and got Hot Chocolate for our "Thursday night date night"☕. Fireeeeee🔥 department 🚒. Derrs.

          I think after my mission I will spend a lot more time in the garden because we do a lot of it here and it is pretty fun! We also got to talk to darling Abby who is the daughter of a less-active member and Abby really really wants to be baptized! So we are trying to get that all set up. Appointments with their family are hard to get though, so prayers would be appreciated! 

And our Thursday date night was a must!..AND THEN! we went to the fire department open house!! Hahah! Really fun! Mostly geared for little kids but we were able to meet a few people and get popcorn :)

Friday: Weekly planning. Reading with Al👴. Sandy🙂. Rake hunting/service🍁🍂. HALLOWEEN PACKAGE!! 🎃🎃

        We have decided to rake peoples yards for service and to see if we can find new investigators that way! 

And I GOT THE MOST FUN HALLOWEEN PACKAGE EVER!!!! Shout out to my wonderful fam! It also included a darling whale ring from cute Dylan, and I love it so much! :)

Saturday: Bob + cute Taylor💕. Farmers Market. Surprise helped Gables/plan of Salvation🖌. Gave us prints🖌. Dinner at the Hills🍕. Nancy. Saturday night movie night 📭😭.

          We had a wonderful first lesson with Bob and his daughter Taylor who I adore!! She drew us a picture and kept calling us her new friends. Also, our artist friend gave us some beautiful prints of one of his works...I wonder how much it is worth...probably a good amount. But it was really nice! And then that night we watched a sad movie from  Hahaha

Sunday: Dress up😎.  Church eternal marriage class😇. Walked everywhere to visit potentials🏃♀.️ Betty 🎈.

       Sunday was good. It started off with a little game of dress up inspired by our movie the night before called the mailbox about this old lady whose family never writes her and that's who I was being. Hahahah! I'm not lonely and I know you all write me! haha :)

At Church we had a wonderful class on eternal marriage - which I would have to say is my favorite subject! It is so amazing the beautiful the promises we are told of. And although I haven't experienced those blessings from temple sealings as a spouse, I have felt the blessings as a child and I am so grateful for them:) and my wonderful family:) and I can't wait for my future family:)

Also, my mom asked my what my favorite scripture right now was, and I just got thinking about how much I really like all of Alma chapter 5. I would encourage you to read it if you ever get the chance!! It talks so much about our hearts being filled with The Light and Love of Christ and having our faces show that! And that we should always remember those feelings of joy!!! 

I love you all!Sorry this was kind of long!

Sister Brady!

P.S. If I ever tag you in a Facebook post, please comment and reply to the little question I pose at the end of the post. The goal is to get investigators and members and everyone to get involved and to share little testimonies. So I would love your help!! :) Also, if I don't tag you-please still comment if you can! Let's use this wonderful tool of social media! :)

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