Monday, October 9, 2017


Hello!! This week I will admit was one of the harder ones because of lots of things going on with a lot of big adjustments - but change can be good right!? So let's see where this crazy road takes us!

Here are a couple of pictures from our P-Day hike last a couple of weeks ago:

Monday: Mini Golfing. Eddie came!
        FHE last week was mini golfing! So so fun! Our investigator Eddie came and we are hoping to get in with a lesson with him this week!

Tuesday: Made Facebook Profiles! Youland's. Mick. Soup Kitchen. Met more neighbors. Priscilla. 
         Tuesday was pretty normal besides that fact that we got FACEBOOK....what!? Really exciting! I will talk more about Facebook at the end of the letter:)

Wednesday: Rest home. Lesson with Laurie ☺. Kristee. Went to library concert.
           We went to a new rest home to see if we could volunteer there and they were so welcoming and nice! Who knows, maybe we can invite some of the workers there to learn! 

Also, we had a lesson with Laurie - she is so cute. She accepted a soft baptismal invite, but she has a crazy busy life so we need to keep her coming to church!

Thursday: Sang at Hill House. Gardening! Weekly Planning 😣. Mexican food!🌮 The Derrs.
             So we did a good amount of service this day. And then spent the majority of the day doing our weekly planning because our planning app "updated" and let me tell you... all of us missionaries went crisis mode. We are slowly learning how to adjust to this format but hey, we will get there! It just takes some more time and patience... so we naturally rewarded ourselves with Mexican Food!

Took some fun pictures.....

Friday: Zone Conference! Nephi walking past precious things-social media. TAKE BACK SOCIAL MEDIA!! 
               Friday! We got our Smart Phones!!! And the okay to get going with Social Media!! (woot! woot!) We are still brainstorming how to use its full capability, but I think I need to stop overthinking it and just go for it! So stay tuned! 

We had a wonderful talk by one of the members of our mission presidency and he talked about how when Nephi tried to get the brass plates, he and his brothers offered all their family's gold and silver and "precious things", then Laban stole them and put those in his treasury. Then later, Nephi went into Laban's treasury to get the brass plates. That means he was likely walking past all of his family's  "precious things", but he had to stay focused and get what matters most. Coming back to our use of social media as missionaries, we may be walking past, or seeing, our precious social media things of the past, but we, like Nephi can stay focused on the bigger task at hand and go for the Gold! (or brass) haha.

Satan's evil, darkness, and discouragement has spent too much time and gained too much ground on social media, so we are going to take it back!! We are going to take back the ground that Satan has gained and flood Social Media with LIGHT! He isn't going to win in the end, so let's fight back against him now so that there can be more souls on God's winning side. I hope you all take this challenge to flood social media with light as well :)

Saturday: Autumn Fest 🍁🍂🍁🍂. Interviews with President Blair! The Bailey Family 💛💛.  Dinner with cute neighbors.

             So Bath has this adorable festival that is all about pumpkins and corn and cider and apple crisp and everything wonderful about fall and we loved it! 

Also, we had a lesson with our wonderful cute Bailey family who also accepted baptismal invites, but are not sure about a date yet.  And we have some 19-year old neighbors who are cousins with each other and they really wanted to feed us, so we had a fun dinner with them - we brough the cake :)

Sunday: Church. Small testimony. Al's b-day🎈. Found Kara.

               On Sunday I bore a small testimony that I just wanted to share. While in a lesson this week we read a scripture in Jacob 4 about having faith in Christ sufficient to move mountains and trees. It got me thinking about the miracles of mountains moving and seas parting. And I truly believe that God is a God of miracles and that miracles have not ceased. But I haven't seen any mountains move or waters part because of faith. But then I got thinking.... I have. I have seen mountains of doubt and fear move because of our Savior. I have seen hard hearts break apart and make way for the love, forgiveness, and hope of The Gospel of Jesus Christ to come through. I have seen and felt miracles and I think that is amazing! 
Well, I hope you have a great week! I heard it is kinda chilly there in Utah, but it is still good weather here. And the leaves!.....Oh my goodness!....The trees here look like they are on fire because the oranges and reds are so bright!...And locals have said we still haven't seen anything yet as there's more to come!! wowowow! 

Love you !!

love Sister Brady!!

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