Monday, October 2, 2017

Week 10 - Oceans, Apostles and Apple Cider

First off Happy Birthday Brookelle!!!🎂🎉🎁🎀🎈You are now  13!!! How crazy is that!!! My baby sister is a teenager!!! Wowowow!!

Also, Happy Conference to all!!!!! I hope you had a wonderful marvelous weekend listening to inspired words! Since being out here and explaining to people what conference is, I have come to see how amazing it really is that we get to hear God's word 2 times a year! For US! At THIS time! The Heavens are not closed and the proof of that was broadcast all over the world this weekend!

Monday: P-day. Hiked Morris Mountain!!! 🍂🍃🍁
     Some ward members took us on a GORGEOUS hike! It starts in the woods and ends at the BEACH! WHAT!? So crazy! You are literally walking through pine trees and you can smell the ocean!! 

Tuesday: Lunch at Youlands. Member Jeff with us all day on visits. Joey 🤤 Mick. Soup kitchen. Brian. 
        A ward member came out with us on Tuesday and that was a wonderful help!! We are in desperate need of ward support in rides for our investigators without cars and for members present at lessons so that was amazing! Also, we met this guy on a porch named Joey and he talked a million miles an hour about everything from being lost at sea to crazy conspiracy theories. Yet another one of the fun people here in Maine. He wasn't scary - just crazy! But also very complimentary of the fact that we are religious.

Wednesday: SNAP Ed tour. Priscilla.  

Thursday: Garden Day. Carol Ann, Sister Morgan. Pumpkins, tomatoes 🍅, squash, corn 🌽,Apple cider🍎.

        Thursday was very Autumny. We did a lot of service which involved a lot of produce which we loved! And we got rewarded with some home made apple cider which just made everything even better!

Friday: Weekly planning. Reading with Al. 🤕Lynne. Dinner with Sister Caton.

        So our 95 year old investigator Al broke his arm this last week! So in addition to reading the Book of Mormon with him, we signed his cast!! He is so so sweet we love him!

Saturday: Farmers Market. Visited Bailey Family. Conference!!!! Brian came to 1st session. Laurie at 2nd session. Pizza and fudge in between sessions. Michelle miracle. 😰 😇

          We had a lessons with the Baileys and they agreed to continue meeting weekly. It is a slow path but very promising, so keep praying for them! They are wonderful!!  

To finish off our week, we gave a Book of Mormon to a Jehova's Witness - and she took it willingly! So that was awesome! hahah

So, The Michelle Miracle that we saw is that we had a feeling to stop by a lady's house - her name is Michelle. We had never met her before, but she was in our area book. She wasn't on or schedule for the day, but we followed the prompting to go visit her. It turns out her husband had died the morning before and she was so shocked when she heard we had no idea that she had just experienced this, and that we just happened to come to her home in this time of trial. We talked and cried with her, and shared with her some points of the Plan of Salvation. This was a true manifestation of Ronald A. Rasband's talk about God does not do things by chance.

Also, Conference is like a holiday in the mission field. So fun! We had some investigators come and hopefully more watch it at home!

Sunday: Sleepover/pancake Sunday🥞. Conference😍😍 dinner with Watkins. Gave Book of Mormon to JW.😅

         Sister Anderson and I decided to switch things up a bit and sleep on our living room floor Saturday night and have a "movie night" where we watched Mormon Messages! It was so so fun! We had Sunday morning pancakes just like how we would have had at home!  

Another one of my favorite conference talks was by Russel M Nelson's about the Book of Mormon. I love this book. I love the impact it has made on my life. It has changed my life.  It has increased my faith in our Savior Jesus Christ and His loving sacrifice for me and you. It has helped me come to know and love Him. The peace, strength hope and healing I receive from Christ because of the knowledge that came from this scripture helps me daily. It has brought me true joy through Christ. 

I would like to encourage you all to determine what the Book of Mormon means to you personally. And also to go back a read and make further notes to your conference notes. There is a reason the spirit led you to write things down in the first place, go back and find out why. 

I LOVE EACH AND EVERY ONE OF YOU!! we are so so blessed. 


Sister Jennabee Brady :)

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