Monday, October 30, 2017

Week 14 - Call the Cops!.......really

Hello hello!!

So this week was honestly kinda shaky. But let me tell y'all some of the good things first!

Quick picture of last weeks Spam Sandwiches service at the soup kitchen...

Monday: Zone P-day😁. Made T-shirts. Had chili, played volleyball🏐. YSA FHE- Trevor and Lynda came!!
          Super, super fun! We have a great zone and great missionaries all with such a zeal(one of my favorite Book of Mormon words) for the gospel!! And Our neighbors Trevor and Lynda who are potential investigators came!

Beautiful Picture from a bridge:

Tuesday: Normal lunch with Youlands. Bunches of lessons. Started prepping for Trunk-or-Treat!🚗🎃. Neighborhood soup kitchen. Facetime with Fletch.

        Pretty normal Tuesday, some good lessons but nothing super out of the ordinary!

        Sister Anderson and I pretending to be scary in a graveyard......

Wednesday: Super long district meeting. Plant Memorial rest home. Dinner with Curtis' . Trunk-or-Treat Prep.
          In addition to lessons we helped our at our favorite rest home and played the funniest game of hangman😀

Then we started getting supplies ready for Trunk-or-Treat....

Thursday: Watched Restoration video with Carol Ann🌳. Lunch with Ames. Exchanges!! To Augusta, really rainy. Bore testimony of patriarchal blessings.
          We got rained out of gardening so we watched the 60-minute Restoration video with Carol Ann - although she said she has learned it all before, we think that it was really good for her to see all the early saints went through because of the truthfulness of the Gospel! It was also really really cool for me to watch it after going to Nauvoo a couple months ago. As I testified to her about Joseph never denying his calling as a prophet, even in the face of so much persecution, MY testimony of his calling was strengthened.
     And then that night on exchanges in Augusta, we taught a lesson to a recent convert on patriarchal blessings, which is something that I have been working so hard to gain a stronger testimony of. God really does help us in His ways but challenging us, and a testimony really is found in the bearing of it!

Friday: Weekly Planning. Started talking about Christmas! Ice cream for appointment. 3-month mark! Lots of online contacting.

Trunk-or-Treat ready:

Saturday: Phone call with Micheal. David-miracle. Linda. Visited Micheal- reviewed Family A Proclamation to the World. Quick lunch. Trunk or Treat!! 👮🍬🚗🍬👮️     ......... apartment break-in. 😨

             Sat we picked up this man David as an investigator. He is so so nice, in his 60s and has just lost 2 sisters. We have known him for a couple months, but we walked by and he was just sitting in his yard staring out at the trees. We asked if we could sit with him and had a really good Plan of Salvation discussion. Both him and us were lifted by the conversation. 

And finally!!...Our Trunk-or-Treat went really well and we were a HIT!! 

Sunday: Church. Choir. Meetings. Siri. Dinner with Meyers. Repack. Come back to Augusta.

So, missionary work isn't easy and it's not always Hearts and Sunshine - although there is a lot of that! But this week Bob called us and said there is no point in us coming over anymore. Mitchell dropped us. And the Bailey's almost dropped us too - but we fought to keep them.

Satan knows that this work is real and it will help families and make them happy, so he tries to hinder the work. But that just proves to me that it is such an important work!

Saturday, we left for our trunk or treat at 2:30 and got back to our place around 6:30. We came back to find that our front door was unlocked (even though we know we locked it), and our window at the top of the stairs was wide open - all of which is really concerning as one can get to this window from climbing on the roof. The elders came and checked the house. Nothing was stolen, which is even more weird. But the Assistants to the President called us and told us to drive to Augusta and spend the night there with the Sister Training Leaders. They welcomed us in and helped us out. Then we went back to Bath the next day to go to church. We reported everything to the police department. We then got another Sunday evening call telling us that we aren't allowed to at our place until the locks are changed. So - here we are on P-Day emailing everyone from Maine's very own state capitol library is Augusta!!! 

......But know what this all means!? Even though the window of our apartment was opened by some random person.....we know the 'Windows of Heaven' are going to be opened by our Heavenly Father and the blessing are going to start pouring out if we continue being faithful and obedient!!!! Get ready for some miracles!!!

I love you all!!!!! Thank you for your prayers 💜💜

Love sister Brady 😇

Monday, October 23, 2017

Week 13 - Walking, Walking, Walking......

Good Morning! This week was pretty good! Full of busy days and fun times. Sorry for the lack of pictures this week! But I will tell you a little about our week!

Monday: Stay at home day😅. Got to crack open oysters🐚! Walked the bridge 🌉.

      Today is zone p-day, but we thought it was last week. So when we found out that we didn't have it last week we decided to be hermits all day and stay home and it was wonderful! haha! Also, Sister Anderson's family sent us a package and in it were OYSTERS! We got knives and cracked them open and we both got BLACK PEARLS! how cool is that!

Tuesday: Sandy/Sylvia. Lunch at Youlands👨👩👧👧! Mick. Jayce! Soup kitchen🥗! RS Veteran activity. Priscilla and Pete!

            We had some lessons and our normal lunch with our adopted grandparents the Youlands. We had a meeting with a boy named Jayce who we met and gave a Book of Mormon to last week and he basically testified to us about how it supports the Bible so that was wonderful! And then we had a super fun 'Honoring Veterans' activity were women from the ward told about their military experience and then we served Spamwiches (Spam Sandwhiches!..ahhhh!) Hopefully we can get those photos.

Wednesday: District Meeting. Lunch in the mother's room🤰. Exchanges 🔃🙂. Plant home~girls camp songs 🏕.  Kristee. Laurie💜!!  Robin.

            Highlight of Wednes morning is that we ate our sack lunches in the comfy chairs in the mothers room at the church while we waited for the Sister Training Leaders! hahah! But then we had exchanges!! So fun! Sister Tupai came here to Bath and I got to introduce her to our cute town and some of the people we are working with and it was so great!!! She is such a great example and is helping me with my goal to be more clear on extending invites and promising blessings! Because blessings come when we are obedient!!

Thursday: Inspections 🕵️‍🔎. Carol Ann 🌱. Gelato 🍨!! Blessing of sick. Rake finding 🍁🍂. Dinner with Atwaterd ( psycho analysis). Bob and Taylor 🙄. Derrs.

            We passed our apartment and car inspections! (phew) haha. But we helped and taught Carol Ann and are trying to help her more with her concerns about the priesthood. Then we exchanged back over Gelatao!!! Best decision ever! We also decided that we would offer to rake people's yards in order to find new investigators and it seems like it will be great! Also, our dinner appointment turned into an anaylsis of our subconcience so that was cool!

Friday: Weekly Planning. Fredrick and Thankful- Buddah Bowls and ice cream cookies 🍜. Taught Al the Plan of Salvation 😇.  Walked and walked. Daily contact plans.

            So we taught our Buddist friend and his wife about the Book of Mormon and read a chapter with them. I think a seed is starting to grow in Thankful and she is going to start reading the Book of Mormon! We also visited our 95-year old AL - who we adore.

Saturday: Farmers Market 👩🌾.  Walked and Walked and Walked and Raked 🍁🍂🍁🍂🍁!! The Len Family ☀.️ Haunted library 🎃.

             Lots of walking on Saturday because ALL of our appointments fell through... grrr....That is Life as a missionary sometimes I guess. But we got to meet a member referral that we got through our cookie BOOing and they are the most darling family ever!!! Please keep them in your prayers! We are so hoping that we will be able to teach them and have their family be blessed by the gospel!!

Sunday: Ward council. Church. Kristee😮. Linger longer😃😃. Family History with Lynne. Dinner 🥗at Bishop`s/Maddy.

        Kristee, who is a less active came to church!!! Wahoo!!! We are so happy because we have been trying to help her for weeks! We also had a linger longer after church which was amazing! And then we had a spontaneous dinner with the Bishop's family and the Bishop's son has a girlfriend that we got introduced to! We added her as a friend on Facebook, so hopefully this goes somewhere!! :)

Okay, now some thoughts from my personal study this morning: We are always testifying about how the Book of Mormon strengthens our Faith in our Savior Jesus Christ. It adds to the truths that many people already treasure from the Bible. First, because it has the fullness of the Gospel, but also because of another thing I realized this morning: 

The Old Testament teaches us a lot about being obedient and prophets and wonderful things leading up to Christ's coming. 

The New Testament focuses a lot on our Savior's earthly ministry and His teachings. 

But the Book of Mormon teaches about people on a completely different continent who are worshiping and loving and learning how to use the Atonement of our Savior - even though they didn't live during the same time or at the place as Christ.....and that is how it is so applicable to US! We are not walking the earth at the same time or place as the Savior, but through the Book of Mormon we learn to love and use His Atonement in our lives now. Ah, so amazing! I hope that came out clearly as it is kind of a hard thought to explain. But I just want to testify of Jesus Christ and how His loving sacrifice is for each and every one of us, no matter who we are, or where we live or even when we live. Whatever situation we are going through He is here for us. 

Love you all!!

Have a wonderful wonderful week!!!!

Monday, October 16, 2017

Week 12 - AmBOOlance!

Hello, Hello!!

It has been a wonderful week here in Bath and we are embracing the fall and October!! So many people I love so much here and the gospel becomes more and more beautiful to me every single day! Ah what a wonderful time to be alive!!!

Monday: Prepared for Boo!!!👻 Prints-cookies-fudge and terrible acting Facebook videos😶. Taught Fletch the Plan of Salvation over French fries.🍟
We had this crazy idea to BOO the whole ward. Which is when you doorbell ditch a treat and they have to doorbell ditch 2 more treats etc. etc. BUT they need to let us know who they are booing so that we can go visit them and offer THE BEST MESSAGE EVER! (so we are trying to show more ward appreciation while also seeking referrals! ) And we used social media to let ward members (and some of you at home) hear instruction and we hopefully entertained some people with our mediocre acting! haha!

Tuesday:🍎 Apple peeling with Youlands🍏. Mick. Helped at the soup kitchen 💜. Boo Boo👻

          I tried to send a video of this but we did some service where we peeled apples with a POWER DRILL! fun!! 

We had a lesson with Mick, but feel that we need to reestablish the purpose of our visits, which is to help him work towards baptism, not just to vent. But he is reading the BOM every day and he read it for and HOUR yesterday! Then we got to BOOING!

Wednesday: 🍁🍂Beautiful drive to district meeting.  Facetime lesson with Savanna 💕💕. Rest home service 👵. Dinner with Wongs. Boo boo boo👻

         We had our first Facetime lesson this day and it went so well!! I LOVE Savanna. She is just a teenager but she loves God so much and is so so excited when we send her scriptures every night! Which is really incredible! We hope that the lessons continue going well!

Thursday: Gardening with Carol Ann🌱. Abby!!💕💕. Went and got Hot Chocolate for our "Thursday night date night"☕. Fireeeeee🔥 department 🚒. Derrs.

          I think after my mission I will spend a lot more time in the garden because we do a lot of it here and it is pretty fun! We also got to talk to darling Abby who is the daughter of a less-active member and Abby really really wants to be baptized! So we are trying to get that all set up. Appointments with their family are hard to get though, so prayers would be appreciated! 

And our Thursday date night was a must!..AND THEN! we went to the fire department open house!! Hahah! Really fun! Mostly geared for little kids but we were able to meet a few people and get popcorn :)

Friday: Weekly planning. Reading with Al👴. Sandy🙂. Rake hunting/service🍁🍂. HALLOWEEN PACKAGE!! 🎃🎃

        We have decided to rake peoples yards for service and to see if we can find new investigators that way! 

And I GOT THE MOST FUN HALLOWEEN PACKAGE EVER!!!! Shout out to my wonderful fam! It also included a darling whale ring from cute Dylan, and I love it so much! :)

Saturday: Bob + cute Taylor💕. Farmers Market. Surprise helped Gables/plan of Salvation🖌. Gave us prints🖌. Dinner at the Hills🍕. Nancy. Saturday night movie night 📭😭.

          We had a wonderful first lesson with Bob and his daughter Taylor who I adore!! She drew us a picture and kept calling us her new friends. Also, our artist friend gave us some beautiful prints of one of his works...I wonder how much it is worth...probably a good amount. But it was really nice! And then that night we watched a sad movie from  Hahaha

Sunday: Dress up😎.  Church eternal marriage class😇. Walked everywhere to visit potentials🏃♀.️ Betty 🎈.

       Sunday was good. It started off with a little game of dress up inspired by our movie the night before called the mailbox about this old lady whose family never writes her and that's who I was being. Hahahah! I'm not lonely and I know you all write me! haha :)

At Church we had a wonderful class on eternal marriage - which I would have to say is my favorite subject! It is so amazing the beautiful the promises we are told of. And although I haven't experienced those blessings from temple sealings as a spouse, I have felt the blessings as a child and I am so grateful for them:) and my wonderful family:) and I can't wait for my future family:)

Also, my mom asked my what my favorite scripture right now was, and I just got thinking about how much I really like all of Alma chapter 5. I would encourage you to read it if you ever get the chance!! It talks so much about our hearts being filled with The Light and Love of Christ and having our faces show that! And that we should always remember those feelings of joy!!! 

I love you all!Sorry this was kind of long!

Sister Brady!

P.S. If I ever tag you in a Facebook post, please comment and reply to the little question I pose at the end of the post. The goal is to get investigators and members and everyone to get involved and to share little testimonies. So I would love your help!! :) Also, if I don't tag you-please still comment if you can! Let's use this wonderful tool of social media! :)

Monday, October 9, 2017


Hello!! This week I will admit was one of the harder ones because of lots of things going on with a lot of big adjustments - but change can be good right!? So let's see where this crazy road takes us!

Here are a couple of pictures from our P-Day hike last a couple of weeks ago:

Monday: Mini Golfing. Eddie came!
        FHE last week was mini golfing! So so fun! Our investigator Eddie came and we are hoping to get in with a lesson with him this week!

Tuesday: Made Facebook Profiles! Youland's. Mick. Soup Kitchen. Met more neighbors. Priscilla. 
         Tuesday was pretty normal besides that fact that we got FACEBOOK....what!? Really exciting! I will talk more about Facebook at the end of the letter:)

Wednesday: Rest home. Lesson with Laurie ☺. Kristee. Went to library concert.
           We went to a new rest home to see if we could volunteer there and they were so welcoming and nice! Who knows, maybe we can invite some of the workers there to learn! 

Also, we had a lesson with Laurie - she is so cute. She accepted a soft baptismal invite, but she has a crazy busy life so we need to keep her coming to church!

Thursday: Sang at Hill House. Gardening! Weekly Planning 😣. Mexican food!🌮 The Derrs.
             So we did a good amount of service this day. And then spent the majority of the day doing our weekly planning because our planning app "updated" and let me tell you... all of us missionaries went crisis mode. We are slowly learning how to adjust to this format but hey, we will get there! It just takes some more time and patience... so we naturally rewarded ourselves with Mexican Food!

Took some fun pictures.....

Friday: Zone Conference! Nephi walking past precious things-social media. TAKE BACK SOCIAL MEDIA!! 
               Friday! We got our Smart Phones!!! And the okay to get going with Social Media!! (woot! woot!) We are still brainstorming how to use its full capability, but I think I need to stop overthinking it and just go for it! So stay tuned! 

We had a wonderful talk by one of the members of our mission presidency and he talked about how when Nephi tried to get the brass plates, he and his brothers offered all their family's gold and silver and "precious things", then Laban stole them and put those in his treasury. Then later, Nephi went into Laban's treasury to get the brass plates. That means he was likely walking past all of his family's  "precious things", but he had to stay focused and get what matters most. Coming back to our use of social media as missionaries, we may be walking past, or seeing, our precious social media things of the past, but we, like Nephi can stay focused on the bigger task at hand and go for the Gold! (or brass) haha.

Satan's evil, darkness, and discouragement has spent too much time and gained too much ground on social media, so we are going to take it back!! We are going to take back the ground that Satan has gained and flood Social Media with LIGHT! He isn't going to win in the end, so let's fight back against him now so that there can be more souls on God's winning side. I hope you all take this challenge to flood social media with light as well :)

Saturday: Autumn Fest 🍁🍂🍁🍂. Interviews with President Blair! The Bailey Family 💛💛.  Dinner with cute neighbors.

             So Bath has this adorable festival that is all about pumpkins and corn and cider and apple crisp and everything wonderful about fall and we loved it! 

Also, we had a lesson with our wonderful cute Bailey family who also accepted baptismal invites, but are not sure about a date yet.  And we have some 19-year old neighbors who are cousins with each other and they really wanted to feed us, so we had a fun dinner with them - we brough the cake :)

Sunday: Church. Small testimony. Al's b-day🎈. Found Kara.

               On Sunday I bore a small testimony that I just wanted to share. While in a lesson this week we read a scripture in Jacob 4 about having faith in Christ sufficient to move mountains and trees. It got me thinking about the miracles of mountains moving and seas parting. And I truly believe that God is a God of miracles and that miracles have not ceased. But I haven't seen any mountains move or waters part because of faith. But then I got thinking.... I have. I have seen mountains of doubt and fear move because of our Savior. I have seen hard hearts break apart and make way for the love, forgiveness, and hope of The Gospel of Jesus Christ to come through. I have seen and felt miracles and I think that is amazing! 
Well, I hope you have a great week! I heard it is kinda chilly there in Utah, but it is still good weather here. And the leaves!.....Oh my goodness!....The trees here look like they are on fire because the oranges and reds are so bright!...And locals have said we still haven't seen anything yet as there's more to come!! wowowow! 

Love you !!

love Sister Brady!!

Monday, October 2, 2017

Week 10 - Oceans, Apostles and Apple Cider

First off Happy Birthday Brookelle!!!🎂🎉🎁🎀🎈You are now  13!!! How crazy is that!!! My baby sister is a teenager!!! Wowowow!!

Also, Happy Conference to all!!!!! I hope you had a wonderful marvelous weekend listening to inspired words! Since being out here and explaining to people what conference is, I have come to see how amazing it really is that we get to hear God's word 2 times a year! For US! At THIS time! The Heavens are not closed and the proof of that was broadcast all over the world this weekend!

Monday: P-day. Hiked Morris Mountain!!! 🍂🍃🍁
     Some ward members took us on a GORGEOUS hike! It starts in the woods and ends at the BEACH! WHAT!? So crazy! You are literally walking through pine trees and you can smell the ocean!! 

Tuesday: Lunch at Youlands. Member Jeff with us all day on visits. Joey 🤤 Mick. Soup kitchen. Brian. 
        A ward member came out with us on Tuesday and that was a wonderful help!! We are in desperate need of ward support in rides for our investigators without cars and for members present at lessons so that was amazing! Also, we met this guy on a porch named Joey and he talked a million miles an hour about everything from being lost at sea to crazy conspiracy theories. Yet another one of the fun people here in Maine. He wasn't scary - just crazy! But also very complimentary of the fact that we are religious.

Wednesday: SNAP Ed tour. Priscilla.  

Thursday: Garden Day. Carol Ann, Sister Morgan. Pumpkins, tomatoes 🍅, squash, corn 🌽,Apple cider🍎.

        Thursday was very Autumny. We did a lot of service which involved a lot of produce which we loved! And we got rewarded with some home made apple cider which just made everything even better!

Friday: Weekly planning. Reading with Al. 🤕Lynne. Dinner with Sister Caton.

        So our 95 year old investigator Al broke his arm this last week! So in addition to reading the Book of Mormon with him, we signed his cast!! He is so so sweet we love him!

Saturday: Farmers Market. Visited Bailey Family. Conference!!!! Brian came to 1st session. Laurie at 2nd session. Pizza and fudge in between sessions. Michelle miracle. 😰 😇

          We had a lessons with the Baileys and they agreed to continue meeting weekly. It is a slow path but very promising, so keep praying for them! They are wonderful!!  

To finish off our week, we gave a Book of Mormon to a Jehova's Witness - and she took it willingly! So that was awesome! hahah

So, The Michelle Miracle that we saw is that we had a feeling to stop by a lady's house - her name is Michelle. We had never met her before, but she was in our area book. She wasn't on or schedule for the day, but we followed the prompting to go visit her. It turns out her husband had died the morning before and she was so shocked when she heard we had no idea that she had just experienced this, and that we just happened to come to her home in this time of trial. We talked and cried with her, and shared with her some points of the Plan of Salvation. This was a true manifestation of Ronald A. Rasband's talk about God does not do things by chance.

Also, Conference is like a holiday in the mission field. So fun! We had some investigators come and hopefully more watch it at home!

Sunday: Sleepover/pancake Sunday🥞. Conference😍😍 dinner with Watkins. Gave Book of Mormon to JW.😅

         Sister Anderson and I decided to switch things up a bit and sleep on our living room floor Saturday night and have a "movie night" where we watched Mormon Messages! It was so so fun! We had Sunday morning pancakes just like how we would have had at home!  

Another one of my favorite conference talks was by Russel M Nelson's about the Book of Mormon. I love this book. I love the impact it has made on my life. It has changed my life.  It has increased my faith in our Savior Jesus Christ and His loving sacrifice for me and you. It has helped me come to know and love Him. The peace, strength hope and healing I receive from Christ because of the knowledge that came from this scripture helps me daily. It has brought me true joy through Christ. 

I would like to encourage you all to determine what the Book of Mormon means to you personally. And also to go back a read and make further notes to your conference notes. There is a reason the spirit led you to write things down in the first place, go back and find out why. 

I LOVE EACH AND EVERY ONE OF YOU!! we are so so blessed. 


Sister Jennabee Brady :)