Monday, September 25, 2017

Week 9 - "Food = Fun!!"


It has been a super fun week with a lot going on here in Bath!

First, I just want to say the Gospel is Amazing and God Loves You All and I hope you all know that! 

Secondly, I just want to explain my idea of sending emails the way I do. I have my little daily summary sentence and then below that I explain in a teeny bit more details some of the events of that day so readers can scan through the little topic summary sentences and just read about any thing that interests them if they don't want to read the whole honkin' email :):) But of course you are more than welcome to read all of my ramblings! So here we go!......

Monday: P-day. Morgans. FHE . Apple picking! Caramel apples

       Super-duper fun evening! We got to get into the Autumn spirit and go apple picking!! Then Sister Anderson and I were in charge of FHE, so we chose caramel apples and it ended up being so fitting! Super fun night! We have a couple investigators we are trying to get to come to FHE!

Tuesday: Strange note and Jehova Witnesses Pamphlets. Whoppie Pies! Mick. Neighborhood soup kitchen. Food Bank. Nadean.

        Yeah, so Tuesday morning we get ready to leave the house so pumped for this new week and our big goals, and then we see this weird little bag on our door handle. It is a bunch of Jehova Witnesses with all these scripture references handwritten onto it and stuff that says "Now Sisters...." and "Sunday is not a holy day....", and all that kind of jazz. So yeah pretty cool,!!! We got a bit of persecution which means we are TRUE MISSIONARIES and we LOVE IT! hahah   

Also, we made homemade Whoopie Pies which are a huge thing out here and super yummy :)

Wednesday: District meeting. Dinner with the Hahn! Baked stuffed Haddock. Whoopie pies to Baileys. Set up iron rod activity.

           So there is this cute couple in their 80s that we have befriended who said they wanted to take us out to dinner! Little did we know they had this whole evening planned with us from cheese and crackers, and soda in their living room, going to this AMAZING nice restaurant, and then wanting us to come over for ice cream after!! It was so yummy and they are hilarious! But we told them that we had appointments and so we couldn't stay for ice cream because we are missionaries and do have to do our mission work. We tried to teach them some of the principles but they keep saying they are happy being "Drinking Catholics"..  HAHAHA! 

          Also we dropped off some of the Whoopie pies at the Baileys and found out some of the reasons for them holding back despite wanting to join the church so badly. They are so sweet and we are just going to help them work through adjusting to a whole new culture of the Church, so we are excited! It may be a little bit longer process than we had thought, but that is OK because the Lord's timing is the best timing!
Whoopie Pies picture again.... ;-)

Thursday: Early morning seminary. Mary Lou. Hill House. Carol Ann. Kristee. Vidamrs Beautiful House. The Derrs.
         Yes!....We went to early morning seminary! haha. We did the iron rod activity with the Seminary kids that we did at our last Zone Conference and they really liked it. We were so happy to help out. We also visited a less-active who has two kids that we are going to help work towards baptism! So that will be wonderful!!

Friday: Read with Al. Dog park finding. Met Eddy who is super cool.

            Al is our 95 year old investigator and we love him. We don't know how much he remembers but he loves us coming and reading the BOM with him. Also, we met a new investigator named Eddy! He is so nice! We are hoping to get him to some YSA activities in the future!! We will see how our lesson with him goes next week!

Oh, and in case you didn't know....I love Cinnamon Rolls!

Saturday: TRANSFER CALLS! Great lesson with Fletch. Gables coolest people. Lynne. Charlenes baptism! Women's Conference

         TRANSFERS......Drum Roll Please............. WE ARE BOTH STAYING IN TOPSHAM!! WAHOO!! We are so so happy to being staying together here and can't wait for what the next 6 weeks have in store! 

Saturday we had some good lessons with some progressing investigators. The art couple we do yard work for showed us his cool studio and it was amazing!  Also, Charlene, who the Elders work with got baptized! The Elders have been working with her for 6 months and we are so excited and happy for her! 

It was so cool to be united with Women all over the world during Women's Conference, to feel of the strength we have in the Lord, and to learn and grow together. It was wonderful! I really loved it when President Uchdorf pointed out that we always start our worldwide General Conference a week earlier with a meeting especially for women. :-)

Sunday: Good Sacrament meeting. ALL OVER the place schedule. Delivered fudge.

         Yep Sunday was crazy! We delivered fudge to a bunch of our investigators and that turned out really well :)  (No pictures of Fudge....Sorry!)

         I hope you all had a lovely week!! To all my girls out there - I hope you enjoyed the beautiful Women's Conference and learned from it! I AM SO PUMPED FOR GENERAL CONFERENCE NEXT WEEK! I hope you all are as well!! 

I titled my email "Food = Fun" because I realized all the photos I have of this week is us with food! So Enjoy!

Love, Love, Love you all!

Love, Sister Brady!!!!!!

P.S. I forgot to explain the Title of last week's e-mail.....So we street contacted these two guys and we started talking with them about the Gospel for a while. One guy starts saying flirty stuff and his friend says: "These are gospel girls man.. you don't have a chance!" It was Hilarious!!!

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