Monday, September 18, 2017

Week 8 - "These are gospel girls man.. you don't have a chance!"

Hello Family and Friends!

This week was all over the place.....Literally. Maine-New Hampshire-Vermont- and Back to Maine-Back to New Hampshire-Back to Maine. Whew!Talk about state hopping! But it was so great! And we got a lot of wonderful instruction!

Monday: C-day. Road trip to Concord! Spent the night.

       Cleaned the car....ALL DAY. And then we left to spend the night with the Sisters in Concord NH so we didn't have quite as long of a drive on Tuesday to Sharon Vermont.

Tuesday: New Missionaries/Trainers meeting. Fog. Beautiful Memorial. Smart phones and social media. Envision a Temple. Elders apartment burned down! 

           We got to go to Sharon Vermont! Joseph Smith's birthplace! There is a beautiful visitor's center there and that is where we had our new training! It was a foggy drive up, but we got there and it was like the fog parted and revealed this beautiful memorial. Truly a tender mercy. So spirit filled and sweet. I really had my testimony of Joseph Smith strengthened and I am so grateful for the restored gospel we have the privilege to share. 

Oh! We are also 1 in 4 missions in the world (I think) that will be getting SMART PHONES. So that's crazy! More to come on that! 

Also President Blair had us close our eyes and envision where we would be in 10 years. He asked us to imagine the announcement of a temple in our mission. It brought tears to my eyes. He asked if we would be okay just being a brick in the building, with other bricks below and above us, with no personal recognition.....and I am OK with being a part of that with no personal recognition. We are part of a work SO much greater than any of us. 

Also, our district leaders' apartment BURNED DOWN!! SOOO crazy. They lost pretty much everything. But the miracle is that their journals and scriptures were somehow unharmed. WOW!

Wednesday: Gardening with Carol Ann. 2 new investigators. Dinner with the Wongs.

          Wednesday was pretty good! Back to normal missionary life and schedule! 

Thursday: Weekly planning. Lunch with Kanuskes. GOT OUR ZEN LESSON! Taught the Restoration. Yummy food. 

           YES! -WE GOT OUR ZEN LESSON! We were so excited. We went out in our Buddhist friend's little garden and did these breathing exercises. Then we had an amazing meal!!....salmon, corn on the cob, salad, broccoli, sweet potatoes :) Yum! We then taught the restoration and talked about prophets. There really is such an amazing spirit when we testify of the restoration. I think the wife is maybe considering what we are saying. She is Catholic and she is agreeing with a lot of what we teach. We will see!

Friday:  Elder Bednar!!!! New England clam chowder. Spoiled by the Smiths.

        YES YOU READ RIGHT! ELDER BEDNAR CAME! It was amazing! He is so inspired and the spirit is so strong and we learned so so much! Instead of speaking to us, he engaged us in a discussion where he asked us questions and we asked him questions and we learned a lot about how teaching and learning by the spirit is the best way to help our investigators progress! I was on the second row and he made eye contact with me a few times and it was like a shock of the spirit each time!

After the conference with Elder Bednar I finally had REAL New England Clam Chowder. The clams were so fresh and it was so yummy!

Saturday: Cute Family History lady. Walked. Beautiful flowers.Met lots of people. Fall Festival!

         Saturday was great! We found a new investigator who LOVES family history! So we are helping her with that! 

Our Ward had a Fall Festival with booths and activities that was so fun!

And these other cute lady gave us the most beautiful flowers I have every seen!

Sunday: Church. Walked a ton. More flowers Sandy. Cake.

           Walked, walked, walked! And more people gave us flowers!? Wow so nice!

So much to tell about! Sorry I didn't have time/room to explain everything! I would really encourage you all in personal studies and in church meetings to not only listen to what the speaker is saying but what the SPIRIT is saying. He is our personal trainer for our spiritual development and knows exactly what we need!!

Love, Love, Love you!!!


Sister Brady :):):):):)

Here is another picture of Sister Anderson and I at our booth last week!

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