Monday, September 11, 2017

Week 7 - Two roads diverged in the woods... And we got lost!!

Hello Hello!! 

It is a beautiful sunny day here in Bath Maine and we finally fished cleaning our car, so we are very happy :) This week was good, but a little slow. We are hoping to pick up some more speed again with progression next week. (minus the two days we will be in NH and Vermont.) But yeah here we go!

Monday: Fire pit for FHE. Started Bowden Days Poster.     

Pretty chill day, we had a campfire for FHE and I love campfires, so that was fun :) We are wanting to get more investigators at FHE.

Tuesday: Helped Betty (New Convert) clean out some guards, she is the cutest! Youlands for lunch. Really deep lesson with Mick. Volunteered at soup kitchen. Brian called us and wanted to have a lesson, went well.

          Pretty Self explanatory for this day. But we were going to try and go see Brian, but he said we couldn't cause he wasn't home. But then he saw us while he was walking through town! And Called us and wanted to have a lesson! So that was fantastic! Hoping to get him to church again!

Wednesday: District Meeting. Crazy traffic (but we had Wendy's so it was okay). Visited some less actives. Robin cancelled. Walked through the "mist" and then it poured and we were walking around town, drenched, trying to remember the lyrics to Ed Sheeran songs.

         Yeah. Mist. It is the weirdest thing. You don't feel like you are getting wet but then you get soaked. Welcome to the coast I guess :)

Thursday: Hill House. Had our lesson with the Buddhist! We thought we were going to get Zen lessons, but that didn't happen, maybe next time. His wife is Catholic and very sweet. Saw a potential. Bob and set a return appointment. Lesson with less actives and the Derrs.
          Yes the wife of the Buddhist Zen, is really interested about learning about living prophets! They invited us over to dinner this week, we are bringing the broccoli,, I'll let you know how that goes :)

Friday:  Lesson with Priscilla. Interviews with President Blair. Rainy 5k. Dropped finish line. KFC. Grandparents day prep.
        Okay, so we helped at a 5k. And I had ONE JOB. to hold the finish line while trying to also balance an umbrella. And of course I'm a klutz so I DROPPED the finish line!! But its okay! I picked it up a split second before the runner crossed! *phew*

Saturday: HIKE. Visited rest homes for grandparents day. Brunswick Booth. Church of Nazarene gave us all their pastries. Dinner at the hills. Stake Conference. Robin.

     OKAY THE MOMENT YOU HAVE BEEN WAITING FOR! Sat morning we decided to enjoy nature and go on a hike for our 30 minutes of exercise! So we hike in 15 minutes and turn around to hike our 15 minutes. But somehow end up on a trail that is not the one we came from and get helplessly lost for about 45 minutes. Then we loose the trial of course. But we hear construction so we decided to move towards the sounds of civilization. And we trample through leaves, over fallen trees and into grass that is eventually so high it is up to our noses. Then we stumble into this chain link fence and call out "excuse me" and scare this worker guy. We probably look like mad women emerging from the woods at 7 in the morning. So it turns out we ended up at the landfill. But this nice 20-something year old construction worker named JJ helped us find our way  back to our car. We didn't get to talk about the gospel with him. But I am praying so hard that our paths will cross again, because that would be THE BEST conversion story.  But yes, we were helpless,, it was hilarious. NOT COOL ROBERT FROST. 

We had a booth in Brunswick for their Bowden Days festival. We had rock-painting, passed out free water with a gospel hashtag on it, and received pastry gifts from the members of the Church of the Nazarene. 

Sunday: Choir Practice. Stake Conference. Sang in choir. Visited more rest homes for grandparents day. Visited Sylvia. Received a Nativity and Jesus Plate. Dinner with the Watkins. Carol Ann give us more veggies. Visited Betty.
      Sorry this email is so long. I'll just summarize by saying we tried to pick up this lady as an investigator but got a nativity and tiny plate with a picture of Jesus on it instead. So not a total fail I guess. haha

Okay so Elder Bednar is coming THIS FRIDAY! And we have been reading some of his talks to prepare. But EVERYONE can benefit from them! So please read them! They all have a beautiful theme of faith and action!
 - Seek Learning by Faith. 
 - Always Retain a Remission of Your Sins. 
 - Ask in Faith. 
 - Converted Unto The Lord.

Love you all!! And lots and lots of prayers going out to the people in Texas, Florida, Mexico and Montana and anywhere else who may need it. 

Love, Sister Brady :)

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