Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Week 6 - Darling Families and Blueberry Pancakes

Happy September Everyone!!

I hope back to school is going well and that everyone is having a great time adjusting to new schedules. I have to admit that I miss all my Utah State friends as they start this new year, but boy I am so happy to be here!

So, I am just going to do what I did last week with the day summaries :)

Monday: C-day. Lunch with the Youlands. Wrote. Walked across the bridge to Woolwich and back. Scary dogs.

        We decided to call last Monday C-day instead of P-day because we spent almost the whole day cleaning the car :( but hey it needed it. Also we saw some super freaky dogs that night, but I mean are you are a true a missionary if you don't run into scary dogs right?

Not a scary dog, but here's a picture of a snapping Turtle!

Tuesday: Zone Conference. Elder Bednar is coming!!!! Social Media Mission. Iron Rod Activity. Got to see Sister West. Came home, finding.

         Zone conference was awesome! It took almost the whole day but it was really inspirational and had such a great spirit. And ELDER BEDNAR IS COMING TO OUR MISSION!! So we are working really hard to prepare out minds and spirits for what he is going to teach us:) also we are going to be a SOCIAL MEDIA MISSION. So I heard this means Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter, all that jazz. We aren't sure how we feel about it but we will see!

We also did this really cool iron rod activity, where we were blindfolded and had to hold on to a string despite all these people "tempting" us. It was a way cool activity. If you want more insights, email me and I'll tell you all about what I learned :)

Also I got to see my MTC companion Sister West!! I was so happy to get to catch up with her! She is doing really well and I can't wait to see her again :)

Wednesday: Exchanges to Augusta. Service at the hospital. A couple lessons and visiting potentials. Sister Gremelion some cute and fun!

      EXCHANGES!! So FUN! Its really crazy because I feel like I get to become another person for a day. Its basically Freaky Friday - "missionary style". But I went to Augusta with Sister Gremelion and we had a BLAST! Some great service, and some great lessons and great bonding.

Thursday:  Hill house. Gardening. First door slammed in my face. 4 new investigators!! Stir fry!!

       We did some service at a rest home and with Carol Ann. Then went finding and now I am official because I had my first door slammed in my face. And HEY it wasn't as bad as I thought it would be!!! But then we found 4 new investigators!! Ah it was so amazing! The spirit was filling us with so much energy! We are trying to find out how to make every day like that one!

Friday: Weekly planning. Went to Popham Beach. Read with Al. Met Sylvia. Saw Bryan.
       yes, yes we Went finding at the Beach. And it was beautiful and so fun! And I have some great pictures... but I am a klutz and dropped my little adapter thing down the stairs (sorry dad) and it broke, so please hold a couple weeks and I will get beach pictures out. 

Then we went to another rest home to meet with our 95 year old investigator, and we met this lady named Sylvia. She had had a stroke and was in a really low place. We were able to share some scriptures, and a video and talk with her and say a prayer. She said she was so so grateful to us and we were an answer to our prayers. We are going to try to visit her again. It was so sweet and sad. 

Cool ruins of Fort Popham:

Saturday: lesson with Fletch. Lesson with Micheal and family! 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟. GOLDEN. Helped the Gables with yard work. Beautiful. DQ Robin.

        Oh GOODNESS! Micheal!! AH so he is the one that called us last week after we had stopped by and told us he was really hoping we would teach him about the BOM. So we went on Sat and met his Darling wife and baby and basically sat there while they told us everything they love about the church. they said they love the Book of Mormon and it makes so much sense historically, that it makes sense that Christ has a body of Flesh and blood. That They love the emphasis on families. That they love the word of wisdom. That they love that there are living prophets. That missions are so cool and they would want to serve one one day (what the heck!?!? so cool!!) So that was amazing and we are going back on Sunday. 

      Also we helped the Gables with yard work. They are they adorable couple in their early 70's probably and we met the husband at an art walk the first week here. We told them we do free service so they took us up on it. Their house is GORGEOUS. It is this beautiful white farm house and and they are both artists so the inside and the outside are just so refined. It was heaven and they were so nice. We are going back in a week or so.

Sunday: Fletch. Had choir practice and a group fast break. Visited Carol Ann and helped her with her phone. BLUEBERRY PANCAKES. Visited less actives. Coordination. Finding in the rain.

Fletch came to church, but left 3/4 of the way through.Yeah we were sad. We are trying to figure out why he left, so lots of prayers there.    

We were fasting and waited all day to make ourselves some blueberry pancakes and that was motivation for us the whole weekend. And they were sooooo worth it!

Stay tuned for next week's edition of the Life of Sister Brady :)

Love you all!  Love this work!! and Love our Savior!!!

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