Monday, September 25, 2017

Week 9 - "Food = Fun!!"


It has been a super fun week with a lot going on here in Bath!

First, I just want to say the Gospel is Amazing and God Loves You All and I hope you all know that! 

Secondly, I just want to explain my idea of sending emails the way I do. I have my little daily summary sentence and then below that I explain in a teeny bit more details some of the events of that day so readers can scan through the little topic summary sentences and just read about any thing that interests them if they don't want to read the whole honkin' email :):) But of course you are more than welcome to read all of my ramblings! So here we go!......

Monday: P-day. Morgans. FHE . Apple picking! Caramel apples

       Super-duper fun evening! We got to get into the Autumn spirit and go apple picking!! Then Sister Anderson and I were in charge of FHE, so we chose caramel apples and it ended up being so fitting! Super fun night! We have a couple investigators we are trying to get to come to FHE!

Tuesday: Strange note and Jehova Witnesses Pamphlets. Whoppie Pies! Mick. Neighborhood soup kitchen. Food Bank. Nadean.

        Yeah, so Tuesday morning we get ready to leave the house so pumped for this new week and our big goals, and then we see this weird little bag on our door handle. It is a bunch of Jehova Witnesses with all these scripture references handwritten onto it and stuff that says "Now Sisters...." and "Sunday is not a holy day....", and all that kind of jazz. So yeah pretty cool,!!! We got a bit of persecution which means we are TRUE MISSIONARIES and we LOVE IT! hahah   

Also, we made homemade Whoopie Pies which are a huge thing out here and super yummy :)

Wednesday: District meeting. Dinner with the Hahn! Baked stuffed Haddock. Whoopie pies to Baileys. Set up iron rod activity.

           So there is this cute couple in their 80s that we have befriended who said they wanted to take us out to dinner! Little did we know they had this whole evening planned with us from cheese and crackers, and soda in their living room, going to this AMAZING nice restaurant, and then wanting us to come over for ice cream after!! It was so yummy and they are hilarious! But we told them that we had appointments and so we couldn't stay for ice cream because we are missionaries and do have to do our mission work. We tried to teach them some of the principles but they keep saying they are happy being "Drinking Catholics"..  HAHAHA! 

          Also we dropped off some of the Whoopie pies at the Baileys and found out some of the reasons for them holding back despite wanting to join the church so badly. They are so sweet and we are just going to help them work through adjusting to a whole new culture of the Church, so we are excited! It may be a little bit longer process than we had thought, but that is OK because the Lord's timing is the best timing!
Whoopie Pies picture again.... ;-)

Thursday: Early morning seminary. Mary Lou. Hill House. Carol Ann. Kristee. Vidamrs Beautiful House. The Derrs.
         Yes!....We went to early morning seminary! haha. We did the iron rod activity with the Seminary kids that we did at our last Zone Conference and they really liked it. We were so happy to help out. We also visited a less-active who has two kids that we are going to help work towards baptism! So that will be wonderful!!

Friday: Read with Al. Dog park finding. Met Eddy who is super cool.

            Al is our 95 year old investigator and we love him. We don't know how much he remembers but he loves us coming and reading the BOM with him. Also, we met a new investigator named Eddy! He is so nice! We are hoping to get him to some YSA activities in the future!! We will see how our lesson with him goes next week!

Oh, and in case you didn't know....I love Cinnamon Rolls!

Saturday: TRANSFER CALLS! Great lesson with Fletch. Gables coolest people. Lynne. Charlenes baptism! Women's Conference

         TRANSFERS......Drum Roll Please............. WE ARE BOTH STAYING IN TOPSHAM!! WAHOO!! We are so so happy to being staying together here and can't wait for what the next 6 weeks have in store! 

Saturday we had some good lessons with some progressing investigators. The art couple we do yard work for showed us his cool studio and it was amazing!  Also, Charlene, who the Elders work with got baptized! The Elders have been working with her for 6 months and we are so excited and happy for her! 

It was so cool to be united with Women all over the world during Women's Conference, to feel of the strength we have in the Lord, and to learn and grow together. It was wonderful! I really loved it when President Uchdorf pointed out that we always start our worldwide General Conference a week earlier with a meeting especially for women. :-)

Sunday: Good Sacrament meeting. ALL OVER the place schedule. Delivered fudge.

         Yep Sunday was crazy! We delivered fudge to a bunch of our investigators and that turned out really well :)  (No pictures of Fudge....Sorry!)

         I hope you all had a lovely week!! To all my girls out there - I hope you enjoyed the beautiful Women's Conference and learned from it! I AM SO PUMPED FOR GENERAL CONFERENCE NEXT WEEK! I hope you all are as well!! 

I titled my email "Food = Fun" because I realized all the photos I have of this week is us with food! So Enjoy!

Love, Love, Love you all!

Love, Sister Brady!!!!!!

P.S. I forgot to explain the Title of last week's e-mail.....So we street contacted these two guys and we started talking with them about the Gospel for a while. One guy starts saying flirty stuff and his friend says: "These are gospel girls man.. you don't have a chance!" It was Hilarious!!!

Monday, September 18, 2017

Week 8 - "These are gospel girls man.. you don't have a chance!"

Hello Family and Friends!

This week was all over the place.....Literally. Maine-New Hampshire-Vermont- and Back to Maine-Back to New Hampshire-Back to Maine. Whew!Talk about state hopping! But it was so great! And we got a lot of wonderful instruction!

Monday: C-day. Road trip to Concord! Spent the night.

       Cleaned the car....ALL DAY. And then we left to spend the night with the Sisters in Concord NH so we didn't have quite as long of a drive on Tuesday to Sharon Vermont.

Tuesday: New Missionaries/Trainers meeting. Fog. Beautiful Memorial. Smart phones and social media. Envision a Temple. Elders apartment burned down! 

           We got to go to Sharon Vermont! Joseph Smith's birthplace! There is a beautiful visitor's center there and that is where we had our new training! It was a foggy drive up, but we got there and it was like the fog parted and revealed this beautiful memorial. Truly a tender mercy. So spirit filled and sweet. I really had my testimony of Joseph Smith strengthened and I am so grateful for the restored gospel we have the privilege to share. 

Oh! We are also 1 in 4 missions in the world (I think) that will be getting SMART PHONES. So that's crazy! More to come on that! 

Also President Blair had us close our eyes and envision where we would be in 10 years. He asked us to imagine the announcement of a temple in our mission. It brought tears to my eyes. He asked if we would be okay just being a brick in the building, with other bricks below and above us, with no personal recognition.....and I am OK with being a part of that with no personal recognition. We are part of a work SO much greater than any of us. 

Also, our district leaders' apartment BURNED DOWN!! SOOO crazy. They lost pretty much everything. But the miracle is that their journals and scriptures were somehow unharmed. WOW!

Wednesday: Gardening with Carol Ann. 2 new investigators. Dinner with the Wongs.

          Wednesday was pretty good! Back to normal missionary life and schedule! 

Thursday: Weekly planning. Lunch with Kanuskes. GOT OUR ZEN LESSON! Taught the Restoration. Yummy food. 

           YES! -WE GOT OUR ZEN LESSON! We were so excited. We went out in our Buddhist friend's little garden and did these breathing exercises. Then we had an amazing meal!!....salmon, corn on the cob, salad, broccoli, sweet potatoes :) Yum! We then taught the restoration and talked about prophets. There really is such an amazing spirit when we testify of the restoration. I think the wife is maybe considering what we are saying. She is Catholic and she is agreeing with a lot of what we teach. We will see!

Friday:  Elder Bednar!!!! New England clam chowder. Spoiled by the Smiths.

        YES YOU READ RIGHT! ELDER BEDNAR CAME! It was amazing! He is so inspired and the spirit is so strong and we learned so so much! Instead of speaking to us, he engaged us in a discussion where he asked us questions and we asked him questions and we learned a lot about how teaching and learning by the spirit is the best way to help our investigators progress! I was on the second row and he made eye contact with me a few times and it was like a shock of the spirit each time!

After the conference with Elder Bednar I finally had REAL New England Clam Chowder. The clams were so fresh and it was so yummy!

Saturday: Cute Family History lady. Walked. Beautiful flowers.Met lots of people. Fall Festival!

         Saturday was great! We found a new investigator who LOVES family history! So we are helping her with that! 

Our Ward had a Fall Festival with booths and activities that was so fun!

And these other cute lady gave us the most beautiful flowers I have every seen!

Sunday: Church. Walked a ton. More flowers Sandy. Cake.

           Walked, walked, walked! And more people gave us flowers!? Wow so nice!

So much to tell about! Sorry I didn't have time/room to explain everything! I would really encourage you all in personal studies and in church meetings to not only listen to what the speaker is saying but what the SPIRIT is saying. He is our personal trainer for our spiritual development and knows exactly what we need!!

Love, Love, Love you!!!


Sister Brady :):):):):)

Here is another picture of Sister Anderson and I at our booth last week!

Monday, September 11, 2017

Week 7 - Two roads diverged in the woods... And we got lost!!

Hello Hello!! 

It is a beautiful sunny day here in Bath Maine and we finally fished cleaning our car, so we are very happy :) This week was good, but a little slow. We are hoping to pick up some more speed again with progression next week. (minus the two days we will be in NH and Vermont.) But yeah here we go!

Monday: Fire pit for FHE. Started Bowden Days Poster.     

Pretty chill day, we had a campfire for FHE and I love campfires, so that was fun :) We are wanting to get more investigators at FHE.

Tuesday: Helped Betty (New Convert) clean out some guards, she is the cutest! Youlands for lunch. Really deep lesson with Mick. Volunteered at soup kitchen. Brian called us and wanted to have a lesson, went well.

          Pretty Self explanatory for this day. But we were going to try and go see Brian, but he said we couldn't cause he wasn't home. But then he saw us while he was walking through town! And Called us and wanted to have a lesson! So that was fantastic! Hoping to get him to church again!

Wednesday: District Meeting. Crazy traffic (but we had Wendy's so it was okay). Visited some less actives. Robin cancelled. Walked through the "mist" and then it poured and we were walking around town, drenched, trying to remember the lyrics to Ed Sheeran songs.

         Yeah. Mist. It is the weirdest thing. You don't feel like you are getting wet but then you get soaked. Welcome to the coast I guess :)

Thursday: Hill House. Had our lesson with the Buddhist! We thought we were going to get Zen lessons, but that didn't happen, maybe next time. His wife is Catholic and very sweet. Saw a potential. Bob and set a return appointment. Lesson with less actives and the Derrs.
          Yes the wife of the Buddhist Zen, is really interested about learning about living prophets! They invited us over to dinner this week, we are bringing the broccoli,, I'll let you know how that goes :)

Friday:  Lesson with Priscilla. Interviews with President Blair. Rainy 5k. Dropped finish line. KFC. Grandparents day prep.
        Okay, so we helped at a 5k. And I had ONE JOB. to hold the finish line while trying to also balance an umbrella. And of course I'm a klutz so I DROPPED the finish line!! But its okay! I picked it up a split second before the runner crossed! *phew*

Saturday: HIKE. Visited rest homes for grandparents day. Brunswick Booth. Church of Nazarene gave us all their pastries. Dinner at the hills. Stake Conference. Robin.

     OKAY THE MOMENT YOU HAVE BEEN WAITING FOR! Sat morning we decided to enjoy nature and go on a hike for our 30 minutes of exercise! So we hike in 15 minutes and turn around to hike our 15 minutes. But somehow end up on a trail that is not the one we came from and get helplessly lost for about 45 minutes. Then we loose the trial of course. But we hear construction so we decided to move towards the sounds of civilization. And we trample through leaves, over fallen trees and into grass that is eventually so high it is up to our noses. Then we stumble into this chain link fence and call out "excuse me" and scare this worker guy. We probably look like mad women emerging from the woods at 7 in the morning. So it turns out we ended up at the landfill. But this nice 20-something year old construction worker named JJ helped us find our way  back to our car. We didn't get to talk about the gospel with him. But I am praying so hard that our paths will cross again, because that would be THE BEST conversion story.  But yes, we were helpless,, it was hilarious. NOT COOL ROBERT FROST. 

We had a booth in Brunswick for their Bowden Days festival. We had rock-painting, passed out free water with a gospel hashtag on it, and received pastry gifts from the members of the Church of the Nazarene. 

Sunday: Choir Practice. Stake Conference. Sang in choir. Visited more rest homes for grandparents day. Visited Sylvia. Received a Nativity and Jesus Plate. Dinner with the Watkins. Carol Ann give us more veggies. Visited Betty.
      Sorry this email is so long. I'll just summarize by saying we tried to pick up this lady as an investigator but got a nativity and tiny plate with a picture of Jesus on it instead. So not a total fail I guess. haha

Okay so Elder Bednar is coming THIS FRIDAY! And we have been reading some of his talks to prepare. But EVERYONE can benefit from them! So please read them! They all have a beautiful theme of faith and action!
 - Seek Learning by Faith. 
 - Always Retain a Remission of Your Sins. 
 - Ask in Faith. 
 - Converted Unto The Lord.

Love you all!! And lots and lots of prayers going out to the people in Texas, Florida, Mexico and Montana and anywhere else who may need it. 

Love, Sister Brady :)

Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Week 6 - Darling Families and Blueberry Pancakes

Happy September Everyone!!

I hope back to school is going well and that everyone is having a great time adjusting to new schedules. I have to admit that I miss all my Utah State friends as they start this new year, but boy I am so happy to be here!

So, I am just going to do what I did last week with the day summaries :)

Monday: C-day. Lunch with the Youlands. Wrote. Walked across the bridge to Woolwich and back. Scary dogs.

        We decided to call last Monday C-day instead of P-day because we spent almost the whole day cleaning the car :( but hey it needed it. Also we saw some super freaky dogs that night, but I mean are you are a true a missionary if you don't run into scary dogs right?

Not a scary dog, but here's a picture of a snapping Turtle!

Tuesday: Zone Conference. Elder Bednar is coming!!!! Social Media Mission. Iron Rod Activity. Got to see Sister West. Came home, finding.

         Zone conference was awesome! It took almost the whole day but it was really inspirational and had such a great spirit. And ELDER BEDNAR IS COMING TO OUR MISSION!! So we are working really hard to prepare out minds and spirits for what he is going to teach us:) also we are going to be a SOCIAL MEDIA MISSION. So I heard this means Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter, all that jazz. We aren't sure how we feel about it but we will see!

We also did this really cool iron rod activity, where we were blindfolded and had to hold on to a string despite all these people "tempting" us. It was a way cool activity. If you want more insights, email me and I'll tell you all about what I learned :)

Also I got to see my MTC companion Sister West!! I was so happy to get to catch up with her! She is doing really well and I can't wait to see her again :)

Wednesday: Exchanges to Augusta. Service at the hospital. A couple lessons and visiting potentials. Sister Gremelion some cute and fun!

      EXCHANGES!! So FUN! Its really crazy because I feel like I get to become another person for a day. Its basically Freaky Friday - "missionary style". But I went to Augusta with Sister Gremelion and we had a BLAST! Some great service, and some great lessons and great bonding.

Thursday:  Hill house. Gardening. First door slammed in my face. 4 new investigators!! Stir fry!!

       We did some service at a rest home and with Carol Ann. Then went finding and now I am official because I had my first door slammed in my face. And HEY it wasn't as bad as I thought it would be!!! But then we found 4 new investigators!! Ah it was so amazing! The spirit was filling us with so much energy! We are trying to find out how to make every day like that one!

Friday: Weekly planning. Went to Popham Beach. Read with Al. Met Sylvia. Saw Bryan.
       yes, yes we Went finding at the Beach. And it was beautiful and so fun! And I have some great pictures... but I am a klutz and dropped my little adapter thing down the stairs (sorry dad) and it broke, so please hold a couple weeks and I will get beach pictures out. 

Then we went to another rest home to meet with our 95 year old investigator, and we met this lady named Sylvia. She had had a stroke and was in a really low place. We were able to share some scriptures, and a video and talk with her and say a prayer. She said she was so so grateful to us and we were an answer to our prayers. We are going to try to visit her again. It was so sweet and sad. 

Cool ruins of Fort Popham:

Saturday: lesson with Fletch. Lesson with Micheal and family! 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟. GOLDEN. Helped the Gables with yard work. Beautiful. DQ Robin.

        Oh GOODNESS! Micheal!! AH so he is the one that called us last week after we had stopped by and told us he was really hoping we would teach him about the BOM. So we went on Sat and met his Darling wife and baby and basically sat there while they told us everything they love about the church. they said they love the Book of Mormon and it makes so much sense historically, that it makes sense that Christ has a body of Flesh and blood. That They love the emphasis on families. That they love the word of wisdom. That they love that there are living prophets. That missions are so cool and they would want to serve one one day (what the heck!?!? so cool!!) So that was amazing and we are going back on Sunday. 

      Also we helped the Gables with yard work. They are they adorable couple in their early 70's probably and we met the husband at an art walk the first week here. We told them we do free service so they took us up on it. Their house is GORGEOUS. It is this beautiful white farm house and and they are both artists so the inside and the outside are just so refined. It was heaven and they were so nice. We are going back in a week or so.

Sunday: Fletch. Had choir practice and a group fast break. Visited Carol Ann and helped her with her phone. BLUEBERRY PANCAKES. Visited less actives. Coordination. Finding in the rain.

Fletch came to church, but left 3/4 of the way through.Yeah we were sad. We are trying to figure out why he left, so lots of prayers there.    

We were fasting and waited all day to make ourselves some blueberry pancakes and that was motivation for us the whole weekend. And they were sooooo worth it!

Stay tuned for next week's edition of the Life of Sister Brady :)

Love you all!  Love this work!! and Love our Savior!!!