Monday, August 28, 2017

Week 5 - LOBSTAH!!

Hello Hello! 
It has been a busy busy week! (but what week isn't busy as a missionary!) So I wrote down a couple things from each day!   I'll explain a few.

MONDAY:  Car Problems. Elders Laundry. BEAUTIFUL FHE with YSA in Harpswell.

We have been having issues with our car for days so finally we ended up just getting a new battery, but it took up a lot of our day. Also because the Elders kept jump starting it for us we helped them out with laundry because we have a washer and drier and they don't! 


And then that night we had FHE with the young single adults in the place called Harpswell and it was GORGEOUS! ON THE OCEAN! This little Utah girl doesn't get to see the ocean too much so that was amazing! and the YSA's are so nice and fun!

TUESDAY: Jehova Witnesses. Youlands. Brian. Met Fletch! Neighborhood. Concert.

So while we were doing our morning studies we had a knock at the door . We went and answered it, and the look on that lady's face was HILARIOUS! she said "Oh! the Witnesses meet the Mormons!" HAHA Then we had a good chat about a verse in the Bible and then she moved on! We had lunch with the Youlands who are a really nice couple. She is a member but he isn't. But they just really love missionaries!  (there are a lot of people here like that that LOVE missionaries but aren't interested in the gospel.....grrrrr). We also met our new investigator: "Fletch" who is really cool. Then we helped at "The neighborhood" soup kitchen. Which marks 1 WEEK of me being in the field!!  

WEDNESDAY: District Meeting. Micheal. Nancy. Dinner at Atwood. Skunk under the porch. Surprise visit to Robin. Shower rod.

We went to visit a less active lady named Nancy and stopped by her neighbors. So this Micheal guy has a little baby and is looking for a religion to raise her in! And then get this!!!...yesterday HE called US! And asked if we would teach him more about the Book of Mormon when we came because he really likes it! CRAZY!

There are skunks everywhere!...So that's scary. 

And our shower curtain broke while I was in there so also scary.   

Car/apartment check. Donated blood. Help Investigator Carol Ann in garden. 12-week dinner..

Not much to tell. But we do live in a tourist town - so that's pretty cool!

FRIDAY: Met some cRaZy people! Honestly. Crazy. People. But they were a nice crazy and not mean crazy - so that was good. But really I had NO IDEA what they were talking about. 


It was so yummy and soooooo messy and the place we were at was the same as on Monday! 

Ah gorgeous!! We have some fun pictures :) we were for sure the entertainment for the evening hahah!

Thank you all for being so supportive! I love you and miss you!!

Love Sister Brady

More Pictures of Apartment:

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