Monday, August 21, 2017

Week 4 - Splish Splash I was taking a BATH! Bath, Maine!

Hello Hello!!!

Wow!! I haven't gotten to write for two weeks and let me tell you it was probably the most eventful two weeks of my life ! So I will attempt to sum it up!


My companion is Sister Anderson and she is from Ephraim, Utah and she is so cute and I love her already. We keep joking that we are the same person because we tell each other about our lives and we have so many things in common! She actually has only been out here 3 months and just barely finished training and then started training me! WOW!

 We are in the Topsham, Maine area, serving in the Topsham Ward and it is WONDERFUL! But it is also a little misleading because we actually live in the CUTEST little town called Bath Maine :) So, if you want to do any research about where I am living and teaching, look  up Bath, Maine! I seriously love it and it is so perfect for me. Its nickname is the "City of Ships" and it has the most adorable main street and a beautiful huge river and they have music on the dock and farmer's markets and all kinds of carnivals and stuff! 

And the people are SO NICE!! Really, they will talk and talk and are all really kind! The humidity isn't too bad actually and the weather has been wonderful (just one rainy day). The only bad thing so far is SKUNKS!!....eww! Oh and also our little apartment is super cute too!

Ok, Let's back track a bit to ages ago…….my last week in the MTC: We took some fun pictures with our district and I am really going to miss them, especially the ones going to Micronesion Guam. 

And I am going to miss Sister West a ton, even though she is here in New England. 

 OHHH….so I had LOADS of food because my mother is an angel and the most wonderful person on earth, but I also am physically incapable of eating it all. So, I gave a ton to the Elders and I was the favorite missionary that day!

Also, I SAW KARLEIGH AT THE MTC!!! Wow, It was so special and it made me so happy to just be able to give her a hug and talk for a bit. It didn't throw me off at all either. It just made me happy :)

AND I took some of these pictures right where my family had been 2 DAYS BEFORE! So that was crazy!

Okay, so we had to leave the MTC at 3 am (blah) to go to the airport. But traveling with all the other missionaries was way fun! One of our pictures shows a creative way we tried to stay away from worldly temptations on the plane ;) Down side though is that 11 of our group’s bags got lost so that was sad but it all worked out as we got them all within the next couple days.

First night in NH mission home was good.... but the evening of it was honestly not so good. We went finding in this park and I was honestly terrified. I'm not really shy, but it was like a super sketchy part of the city. And almost everyone we talked to told us to be careful and they said to be worried if we were planning on being out after dark. So I was freaked out! But I feel much much better here in Bath, Maine! :)

Next week I will begin telling more about the PEOPLE! Because that is what is is really all about!! But I have limited time and a lot to do!!

We help our investigator Carol Ann in a community garden every week. While we were weeding I got some kind of bug bite by my eye and then the next day my WHOLE EYE SWELLED UP!! It was terrible and I felt like I would scare everyone away! But we just had to make do and go out and keep working. But I included a picture for your entertainment. It is SUPER embarrassing, but also hilarious, so enjoy! hahahah (it took a couple days to go down so my eye is a little squished in some other pictures as well)

My area is beautiful and everyone is so nice and the river is right by main street and I love it:)   We have visited a lot of members and brought them brownies so I could meet them. We teach a lot of inactives to try to help them and then we have a few investigators, but we are hoping to get more! My first official investigator lesson in the field was with a guy named Brian and I extended the baptismal invite! He is in a really low place right now but he is looking for help and I know that if he keeps learning, the Church can help him. And he has such a good heart.

Oh one more thing!!! We are going to the High Priest Group LOBSTER SOCIAL on Saturday!!!!!! So I will get ot have real Maine Lobster and probably entertain everybody because I don't know how to crack it open! Hahaha. So that will be fun! :)


Okay LOVE YOU ALL! thank you so much for your support!!! 

Love, Sister Brady :)

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