Monday, August 14, 2017

Week 3 - Arrival in New Hampshire!

(For those who want to send Jenna a message, here is her e-mail:

Hello!! I am in the mission home! We are super exhausted. As soon as we got here we tried to pick up our luggage, but 11 of our bags are missing :( I have both my big bags just not my small one. :(
And then we went street contacting right away and honestly it was intimidating just because it was a sketchy part of town.
BUT on the plane....I met this women named Margaret and we talked the entire ride and it was amazing and she is so sweet and we had such a wonderful wonderful discussion! 

I got her  email and number, but she lives in Texas so I'm not exactly sure what to do next :) but the spirit was definitely there!

I love you so so much!!

 I will find out my comp and area tomorrow :)


Sister Jenna Brady
New Hampshire Manchester Mission
105 Wind Song Avenue
Manchester, NH 03104

Facebook: LDS New Hampshire Manchester Mission


Jenna got to call home from the airport this morning at 5:30 am.While she was talking on the phone with us, our neighbor saw her and took this picture for us!

Two Days before Jenna left the MTC she got to see her Bestie Karleigh as she toured the MTC with her family! Karleigh enters the MTC next week and will serve in Santa Rosa, CA. A whole country and 18 months might separate these two but they will always be tight sisters during their service. 


President and Sister Blair met their new missionaries with open arms at the airport today. Sister Blair posted this fun video of their missionaries arriving at the airport.

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