Tuesday, August 8, 2017


Hello Hello!!!

It has been a beautiful week in the beautiful MTC! We are finally familiar with the schedule and how things work around here! Not much is different than last week so this will be short :) We welcomed the new sisters and they are so sweet! Also some of the sisters in our zone flew out this morning so that was really sad saying goodbye to them last night :(  But tomorrow we will welcome 4 more!

Teaching our TRCs (investigators) last week went wonderfully! It is funny how you can truly feel of the love of God for these people, even if you just know them a short time and even if they are possibly just actors to help you practice. It is so cool to look for the spirit, and to gain guidance while planning, studying and teaching. Makayla accepted the invitation to be baptized and Amy was building her faith in her relationship with God. :)

We got two new TRCs! Alicia and Chaney, and they are a bit harder, but it will be great for us to depend on the spirit even more! 

We helped with tours again and I got to see a couple more people I know so that was so fun!

Also, on Sunday we have our Sunday night devotional and Jenny Oaks Baker and her family came and performed and it was so cool!! Really, really, beautiful! Then they made an announcement that they wanted us all the watch the "Character of Christ" talk by Elder Bednar. (Which I think I talked about last week, and it is AMAZING!!!) Sister West and I were already wanting to stay and watch it again. And we learned even more! Ah, so wonderful! ...and then GUESS WHAT!! They said we had a special surprise, and ELDER BEDNAR WAS HERE!!! hahaha it was like one of those shows like on Ellen when a celebrity comes out and everyone is so excited, but times 10 better and plus the spirit hahah! It was wonderful! He started out in the overflow, then came to where we were and did a huge Q and A!  

One of my favorite things he said was in response to a sister missionary's question of telling the difference between the Spirit/God's Will vs. your own thoughts your own will. And he said an answer that made me come to the conclusion that it isn't about our Will vs. God's, it is making Our Will the same as His Will. And that just shed a new perspective. 

Anyway, it was wonderful and I love being here, and I can't believe it is only about a week until I fly out! AH so exciting!

Love you ALL!!

SISTER Brady :)


Highlights of the week were packages!

Also I love Amber and we cried cause we were so happy to see each other haha!

.......and I realized i need to take more pictures haha

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